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Children of legal school age whose parents or legal guardians are residents of the school district are eligible to attend East Jasper Schools. In the case of separated or divorced parents, court orders, and decrees involving custody of children will be controlling. 


All secondary students must complete a registration form. Students new to the district also must provide the following information:


  • Report Card or transcript
  • Release for Records (cumulative)
  • Proof of Residency (two documents)

(All students enrolling from outside of the district will be enrolled on a probationary basis.) 


A certified birth certificate must be presented upon admission. The birth certificate must be from the Bureau of Vital Statistics or from the State Department for students born overseas. Hospital records, baptismal records, etc., will not be acceptable. No other birth certificate is acceptable. The principal or his/her designee must verify the birth certificate. Telephone calls are not acceptable.


The Principal shall require that a postal money order in the required amount be deposited for students who are unable to present a certified birth certificate upon admission. The student will be enrolled on a temporary basis until the school receives the certified birth certificate. Temporary enrollment will preclude official recordings or release of grades.


Students must present an up-to-date immunization record. (See handbook sections regarding Immunizations and Vaccinations.)


If a student is transferring into the East Jasper School District from a school accredited by a state or regional accrediting agency, an official transcript mailed directly from the office of the school previously attended will be required. A report card or transfer papers from the previous school attended may be used for temporary class placement.


Any transfer student from a school or program (correspondence, tutorial, or home study) not accredited regionally or by a state board of education will be given either a standardized achievement test(s) or teacher-made special subject test(s) to determine appropriate classification of the student within 30 days after filing for transfer. Notice of the administering of such test(s) shall be given to applicant not less than five days prior to the date of the administration of such test. (MS Code 37-15-33)

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